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Who needs to get it done

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Maintain a laser focus on narrowing the scope, rather than expanding it. Yes, you can.

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neecs Nothing is immutable, even the culture of the organization or the business. See every problem as an opportunity to innovate, rather than a chance to fail.

The key is to be open and listen to recommendations from those who have to be moved, and find a way to create win-win situations, rather than win-lose. We all need more people around us who make every motion mean something. If your desired outcome is to move up in the organization, or just to get more satisfaction from your daily efforts, now is the time focus on the attributes listed above, and emulate the people on your team who get things done.

‘to get’ or ‘to have’ something done

And what will you get done? They could all be false. Able to balance the paradoxes of highly effective leaders. Perhaps there is a smarter way to get it done.

People like this quickly figure out how businesses really work, and how to resolve the challenges in their business. LinkedIn profiles and s still focus too much on responsibilities rather than. All of those perhapses could be true. The best entrepreneurs never confuse motion with. The New York Times 7 "There was always some new thing that absolutely needed to get done, doje it was building a fort or an airplane or launching rockets," he told me.

Be/get done

Able to negotiate agreements without committing to future paybacks. There comes a time in the midst of busy lives and businesses when you just have to knuckle down and plow through some of the projects on your plate.

Understanding politics is not the same as being a politician, or using political clout. People who get things done are driven by an insatiable desire to make progress and help others.

They are not looking to build ger cache of favors or special attentionand are not willing to make deals that compromise the solutions and can come back to haunt them. Obstacles are seen as innovative and creative challenges, not barriers. They instinctively know when and how to escalate issues to the right level, without stubbornly entrenching their position.

Able to avoid or navigate meeds politics of the organization. If you are the entrepreneur or executive in the organization, make sure you are the role model in execution and in hiring.

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The New York Times - Sports 6 For donee years, it was better not to know — the work that needed to get done was getting done. Possess street smarts, as well as skills and experience. The challenge is to find people who get things done, as well as work hard. Perhaps your resistance to it is telling you something important.

Decide and act quickly: What can you drop? People who know how to get things done can be analytical as well as intuitive, aggressive or patient as required, and confident and humble at the same time.

Get / have something done

To get things done more effectively, people need to really think about each element of their work before they make a move. Get the job done first — worry about the process later. The New York Times - Sports 5 "He knew what was going on and ut was constantly working on what he needed to get done". What can you push to the kinda-sorta pile?

The New Yorker 8 "The things that were keeping us from getting done what we needed to get done had a lot more to do with other spots," he said. Will you?

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They have a special ability to cut through the confusion, dodge any head-on collisions, and negotiate compromises leading to required actions and resolution. Related Posts.

Such people are different, but are not necessarily the smartest or the most skilled. They get things done by using their power to get recognition for key players, rather than for themselves.

As an entrepreneuryou need to avoid partnering with these people, or hiring them at your startup. Perhaps it would be better if someone else did it. The New York Times 4 "It was time we sorely needed for her to get done what she needed to get done," she said.

Lace up and start catching frogs. But they do seem to have some common characteristics and approaches that you can look for.