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I Am Ready Man Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now

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Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now

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I am not going to throw stones at any agency until I have to — I want us to be a team, and I believe we are that right now — but we are quickly approaching a moment where FEMA is going to have to come up with a concise and well-executed plan. Businesses were ripped apart.

The mosquito apocalypse and the aftermath of hurricane laura

But just inaudiblewe toured. You met Pastor Schumacher, who said that wonderful prayer.

But he did a fantastic job. I appreciate it very much. Inaudible break your heart, as you know. And if John Kennedy can push him with Bill, that would be terrific, because he deserves it. Jeff, could you hear Jeff? There are tremendous advantages to being here.

The aftermath continues

So thank you for your help. Power lines bow dragged down and tangled by large trees toppled by more than mile-per-hour winds. And then yesterday, the major disaster declaration inaudible for our state. Jeff Landry, everybody.

And that the worst is behind them, though I fear that may not be the case. You know, when you think of it, Louisiana has been through a lot with mow COVID and with this, a couple of other things. Pete, great job.

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Right there is the man. Texas got a little bit lucky. And Bill is going through a problem, and I hope Ralph is fine.

What looks like the likelihood that they actually form and reach? But as the mayor and others know, no electricity, no water. Are they here yet? For the third time, he could lose his home.

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And people are. I appreciate it very much. But knowing that the federal government has got their back means everything.

But on Monday, we will our community and surge testing across the state of Louisiana, using the National Guard. And this is going to have to continue for some period inaudible. That seems to be — Katrina seems to be the standard. Donald Trump: Thanks also to the members of Congress that are here. The inaudible is a faith-based group.

Trump visits storm-ravaged lake charles, a louisiana city still without power

outtw Geymann said residents were increasingly worried about the lack of water as they contemplated not having flushable toilets or being able to wash their hands in a sink, particularly during the pandemic. They put their finger up, right? And I believe inaudible demonstrates the greatness of American courage inaudible.

I love the people.

Mosquito apocalypse

But imagine 9 feet of water hhe through that door right now. Her roof was torn apart, the windows were broken, and water had soaked her furniture and mattress. It was up to at one point. Congressman Steve Scalise.

While Louisians my part on Twitter and trying to amplify the voices of those hurting, I became online friends with Choppy Guillotte, an actor based out of New Orleans who has played roles in Antebellum, The Purge, Strange Weather, and First Man. Its website said 97 percent of the schools suffered "substantial damage.

How are you doing, Michael? You find out how acclimated we are to modern conveniences in a time like this. Like, before it — I think before the storm got here, you had your emergency.

98% of lake charles residents without power after catastrophic destruction from hurricane laura

Traffic newd are hampering recovery efforts. So thank you, sir. Many are dealing with a mosquito apocalypse now, while Louisiana has been all but forgotten by the national media. We will recover from this.