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In need of a good tongue

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I'm 5'9, dark brown hair, blue eyes, married, 58 years old and waiting for a fun activity girl that is affectionate, loves French kissing, making love, snuggling, cuddling and what an experienced man can offer. No money hungry girls.

Name: Kayley
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This is one of those times. Monitor the color of your tongue. And just like with your other muscles, nsed healthy diet is critical to keeping your tongue strong. Make sure to only use tood pressure during this process so as not to damage your tongue. Allan says everyone should check their tongue on a daily basis when they brush their teeth and tongue. It appears as white patches that are often the consistency of cottage cheese.

This will allow you to expel the odor-causing bacteria from your mouth. We recommend trying foods with known anti-microbial properties, such as chopped onions, garlic, ginger, and coconuts. This condition is usually harmless, though the patches may shift positions over time.

Then, brush from the back of the mouth toward the opening with a downward motion. If your tongue has a white coating or white spots A white tongue, or white spots on your tongue, could be an indication of: Oral thrush — a yeast infection that develops inside the mouth. This will help you to be rid of the bacteria that reside there.

Sore white or red patches on the tongue or anywhere in the mouth may be a of an immune system disorder, abnormal cell changes or, rarely, mouth cancer, which affects around 7, UK adults a year. It helps you speak, chew, swallow, and—with its over 10, taste buds—it allows you to enjoy the taste of your food.

Take a painkiller or try using mouth lozenges from your pharmacy. Try a tongue scraper. It is seen in children under the age of 5 and is accompanied by a high fever. Wondering if your tongue is in good health?

However, a definitively white tongue can be indicative of dehydration and even a fungal infection. The office is really professional and clean. Leukoplakia Leukoplakia consists of thick white patches in the mouth and tongue.

5 things you should know to keep your tongue healthy

god Yellow tongue An often less serious tongue color is yellow. If your tongue is pale, it could mean that you have a vitamin deficiency. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. Coated tongue This is usually caused by food debris trapped in the spaces between the papillae, and can lead to bacterial growth and bad breath halitosistongie soreness see below. Do you want to schedule your next check-up? You can remove coating by brushing your tongue every day with a toothbrush or tongue scraper from your pharmacist.

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In fact, if not kept clean, you can experience bad breath, loss of taste, and even changes in the color of your tongue! Visiting your dentist every six months is highly recommended.

A dentist usually diagnoses leukoplakia. Each time you clean your tongue, make sure you thoroughly rinse out your mouth with water.

Getting a regular dental check-up is critical to maintaining your oral health. Smoking can be quite dangerous for your health—including the health of your tongue!

Doing so greatly reduces the bacteria in your mouth. A healthy diet goes a long way. Like Kawasaki disease, scarlet fever can make the tongue look like it has strawberries on top of it.

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I can't speak highly enough of this office. Some cases are benign, while others could lead to cancer. Red tongue The following conditions may cause your tongue to appear red or purple rather than pink in color: Geographic tongue Sometimes red patches with white borders on the tongue nred be a of a condition called geographic tongue.

This is particularly the case with folic acid vitamin B-9 and cobalamin vitamin B If your tongue is good and hairy Much like hair, the papillae on your tongue grow throughout your lifetime.