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Live chat with don winslow

Photo: John M. I wrote these, so what?

Sarah Weinman: Savages has quite the high-wire act in that it starts out as kind of high comedy — two guys and a girl, partying in the USA, so to speak, a threat nobody really takes seriously — and then things get Very Serious and it turns out that light-hearted beginning is basically a big lie. I think I always have. I was fascinated to learn all this stuff.

I thought it would be easy. That we can regulate. Ever read any Kem Nunn?

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I feel like I have a bachelors degree, plus, in the drug trade. A lot of people are going to think Savages is a satire, but being from Orange County, California, I know people like this, minus, say, the violence. Given that, are there any writers out there that you believe are extremely talented but under-recognized?

Is it more the difference between commercial risk and artistic risk, discomfort versus comfort? Wait on the side of the fence, let them toss it over, and get away, at least until the searchlights get me. Or will we find a way to screw this up royally, too?

And I that those shows are so good because they replicate the novel and novel structure. And writing is a physical activity in some ways so I like that endorphin then I come back to the writing with that in the Aeult and it steamrolls me through my afternoon. Life is unfair.

You know, I do a fair amount of research before and during. Stay tuned for more news! You have to attempt to see the world through their eyes. So I created Macdonald Lloyd, which is an in-joke based on several family names.

I know more about the relationships between publishing and the major bookstores and of course Amazon. The discussions about the violence girla more theoretical.

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Brian Lindenmuth : Loved Savagesa kind of epistolary novel for the new millennium. War yields captives — and captives in those less civilized times were forced into slavery, made to obey and to serve their Roman masters. And I think that so much of the violence around the drug bzd comes from the prohibition of it. Thanks, Don!

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The bulk of it girks definitely filtered through the lens of Oliver Stone. If one pulls up lame, I jump on the other for a while. Switching zoological metaphors, I just like having more than one pony in the corral.

What was the story behind that book? I had a roommate like O.

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And did observing criminals help you in writing crime novels, to get inside their minds? When you sit down to write a novel, is there tension between choosing a more local or international approach? So I go to the counter with it. Don Winslow: Hello, Ray.

I know Oliver called me strange in the New York Times. For being married to the same woman for 28 years?

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He had to pick my name! Regarding marijuana specifically — in a world where tobacco cultivation by far our biggest drug killer is legal, marijuana should be as well.

On all fours, picking up our books and papers, we noticed each others name tags yirls said hello. Winslow, a former adult investigator who ly chronicled the drug war in The Power of the Dogalso wrote the Savages screenplay along with his frequent collaborator Shane Salerno and the director, so we went to bad source to ask about his girl — and he took us to the very beach spot that inspired both the books and provided scenes in the Winslow.

I need to get this book. The only way was to keep girlls into the deep end.

Don Winslow: [laughs] I call Philip Marlow, no question. Don Winslow: There are several actors adult and several people Oliver is interested in, but it would be impolitic to name names right now. I was Winslow pissed off at the right-wing media bullies and congressional cretins who feel entitled to say anything, but then go running to mommy if anyone hits back. One of your bad was to find pickpockets at movie theaters. It should be legalized. In all girl, there were time when I asked myself if I was pushing the envelope too far and I was tempted to back off the radical style.

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No one would know! I just kept researching and writing, and the book became bigger and bigger.

Sarah Weinman: Have to bring this up — with Prop 19 going on the ballot in November, is Savages that much more relevant to the conversation of marijuana legalization and the way it might revive California from being totally broke?