Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Composite Materials in Nuclear Energy

National Research Nuclear University (MIFI) and Kurčatovski Institute completed the first phase experiments with the material that is unusual for the production of nuclear fuel cladding - a composite material based on silicon carbide.
Its application efficiency of Russian nuclear power plants would be increased to 50%.Composite materials have very broad application. Can be used in planes and cars, as well as special-purpose technologies. In nuclear energy, because of its specificity, the introduction of various innovations including those related to composites is slow and cautious, preceded him long and thorough examination. The first experiments with the new shells for nuclear fuel have shown that they support much higher temperatures than those
zirconium. Changing the material would provide greater efficiency of nuclear power plants. A representative of the center of scientific research institute Kurčatovski, Gagarinski Andrew says:
- The lining may be different. For example for the reactors with water under pressure, which are common in Russia, for making coverings used
zirconium alloys. In other reactors even possible by steel or ceramics. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, such as plasticity and permeability. What is the downside of experts covering the reactors with water pressure? The fact that contain zirconium.

In case of damage, caused when large amounts of water vapor, zirconium reacts with hydrogen transmitted them, and that's dangerous, expert says. Steel panels are good for many characteristics, but they absorb neutrons, so Thermoreactors not match very well. Composite panels have many of these shortcomings. Their advantages are high-temperature, low degradation properties because of radiation exposure, high operating reliability and corrosion resistance.
For now, the raw material for the production of composite shipped from Japan. However, it will be in Russia launched its own production, was convinced the main expert of the Institute of Nuclear Technology Business National Research Nuclear University Valery Astafjev:
- We're in the grace period of time, at this stage we will work on complex studies of these materials without fuel. We have the opportunity for their product based on the threads, so-called reinforced lining, but for now we use the Japanese strings. If we get positive results, we will work on the Russian technology of their production.
According to expert forecasts for testing the properties of materials in terms of radiation exposure will take several years. At the same time new material to Russia for nuclear energy and tested in the U.S., France and several other European countries. This is just the beginning of an international nuclear-composite race.


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